Trade Sides Ft. The Game

About The Song

As I’m gaining more wisdom, I can’t help but to give out information or simple advice that I wish I would have received during my struggles and come up. So many people discouraged me without even knowing the damage they were doing. I heard everything that you can imagine but my passion for content creation didn’t allow for the negativity to completely crush my dreams. However, it did hit hard and set me back during my earlier years of building.

Trade Sides was written to inspire all of us creatives on our journey and to remind us that the non-believers will believe when they have no option but to accept the facts. They can hate all they want, but they can’t take away from your factual accomplishments. I hope you all stay motivated and can use this song as fuel on your journey. They will trade sides when the money comes…

The Collaboration with The Game

A true legend, The Game, really looked out for me when he didn’t have to. I can count on one hand the number of successful artist that have really helped and uplifted my music career without any personal intentions. The Game is one of them. And what is even more real about him blessing me is that he asked me to pass the blessing onto 3 artist when I’m in that position. Doesn’t get realer than that.. S/O to the big bro and West Coast legend… THE GAME

The Music Video

The video is based on a true story. I pulled up to a near by airport with my wife and we were rejected access by this miserable hanger owner/manager. Less than a year later, we ended up leasing an office at the airport 1 hanger over. We would see this guy often. He didn’t remember us from the time that he slammed the door on our face and now was intrigued to learn about us and what we do for a living. What’s crazy is he even offered us to use his personal plane for filming. Being so discouraged at the time and having the same guy now offer us his plane was mind blowing to me to the point I wanted to showcase it in the video. I hate the facts, but people are willing to help you more when you are able to do it for yourself.. in another words.. They will trade sides when the money comes…