Long Grind


There is no other way to say it but it has been a LONG GRIND. I started my music journey when I was 14 years old. I fell in love with the art as I had recently been introduced to writing poems, but music would register differently with me as I’m Bboy at heart. As I got older, my passion to break dance transferred to creating music.

I had a vision but didn’t understand the business and had zero support musically when it came to pursuing my dream. I had no money but the will to figure it out. It was difficult as it took me 6-12 months of saving to get each needed piece of the puzzle. A computer, softwares, microphone, sound board, compressors, reverbs, plugins, keyboard, guitar, midi, turn tables, screens, furniture, etc. I didn’t purchase all my dream equipment to be able to make the highest caliber content until a few years ago (24 years later).

That is the story of just being able to record music, you can imagine what it takes to produce videos, content, shows, marketing, merchandise, and everything else with limited funds too. The financial pressure made me learn more skillsets. I wanted a website, I didn’t have $2500, so I had to learn coding. Same with graphics, music videos, content creation, event production, print, and more. Even though I didn’t get my break through music, it was my driving passion that inspired me to gain all my skillsets that I did cash out on. Every commercial I have filmed for all my clients, every event I have produced, every website RHC has designed and manages are all derived from my music. Doesn’t matter what I am doing, it all comes back to my vision. Every job I have done has been a brick in my music path. It has been a LONG GRIND but we are just getting started..

“Real eyes realize it’s a mountain full of time.. (It’s a mountain that we climbed)”