She Likes

ALIWOOD’s latest hit, “She Likes,” is a refreshing take on love and relationships. In a music industry saturated with traditional rap music that often degrades women, this song stands out for its celebration of classy, genuine love that is not materialistic.

“I wrote this song about 10 years ago when I met my wife, Melissa. Being deeply in love, I was now conscious to how everyone and anything would treat my future Queen to be. One night we hit a club and I realized that every song that came on that night was degrading either calling women gold diggers, hoes, b**ches, and other negative context. I was inspired to make a fun uplifting song that classy women in the world could enjoy without feeling degraded.”

“She Likes” is an anthem dedicated to the strong, independent women who deserve to be appreciated for their intelligence, grace, sexiness, and inner beauty. ALIWOOD’s lyrics beautifully convey the message of finding true love that goes beyond superficial desires and embraces loyalty and authenticity. In a genre where songs often objectify women, “She Likes” breaks the mold by highlighting the importance of respecting and cherishing them. With fun lighthearted verses and an infectious melody, this track resonates with listeners who appreciate meaningful lyrics that uplift rather than degrade.

ALIWOOD’s commitment to creating music that celebrates classy women sets him apart as an artist who understands the power of positive representation in his craft. In a world where materialism often takes center stage, this song stands out by celebrating the beauty of genuine love that transcends material possessions. Through “She Likes,” he aims to redefine the narrative surrounding relationships in popular culture while spreading a message of love and respect.