Won’t Let Go


Devastation. Dedication. Determination. Destination.

This song was written at my true rock bottom. Selling off RHC Lesson Studios disconnected me from what I thought was my life and friends. From being told I was being used as a stepping stool to having my loneliest birthday, I knew my life had changed forever and wasn’t ready for the spiral down to rock bottom and my deepest level of depression and anxiety attacks. Being left in this broken condition for months, I realized the chains holding me down were mostly mental. My wife was one of the main reasons I made it out. But also, a simple meme helped me believe again that a friend showed me.

I was so excited to finally believe I had a second chance but I was still at a financial low, recently married with added pressure to take care of my family, and didn’t know what I was going to do. But for the first time, in what felt forever, I knew one thing.. I WON’T LET GO.

In the music video, you will see me tied to a chair and carry the RHC Sign that was taken down when I sold the studio. My wife loving and cosigning me at my low, all the way to us producing the biggest concert series in my city with +4,000 people in attendance.

I share my personal life and lows with you so you can truly understand that anything is possible. Doesn’t matter where you are at right now in your life, what matters is that you give it your all and promise yourself that you Won’t Let Go.



Music video produced by: RHCproductions.com
Directed/Edited By: ALIWOOD
DP: Brandon Ruiz
For Video inquiries contact: info@RHCproductions.com