Time To Be Great

Time To Be Great

Release Date: 1/4/23

This is your world, your mind, your time, your skills, and abilities. What will you accomplish here?
Will there be impact? Will you passionately give it your all?

TIME TO BE GREAT has been written to remind everyone that the time is now. We don’t know the amount of time we have here on earth, so we must make the most of it. Don’t let people’s words hold you back from your goals and dreams. If you understand the work that you need to put in and are willing to do it, go in head strong and build your vision. I hope this song inspires you whether you are at the gym lifting weights and need a push to do an extra rep or maybe you are having a bad day and need a mental push. We all need to be uplifted every now and then.

TIME TO BE GREAT merchandise has been designed to also be a reminder. We created all merchandise in all white representing a clean canvas, a fresh start. Anything you want to make happen is possible if you are willing to paint your vision and color in your dreams.

Release Date: Jan 4th, 2023






Music video produced by: RHCproductions.com
Directed/Edited By: ALIWOOD
DP: Brandon Ruiz
For Video inquiries contact: info@RHCproductions.com