I have always been passionate about music. I have always dreamed about only focusing on my art and making a living while doing so. Unfortunately, I didn’t understand business well enough and what it takes to make it. You can have the best product in the world, but if you don’t have a business infrastructure and a real marketing plan/budget or a strong team behind you, you are limited on what you can accomplish.

I like to use this example because one of my best friends makes the best burger in the world. It is unbelievable, however will he ever be able to compete with McDonald’s from a business standpoint? It’s sad to say, but mostly like not. McD’s spent nearly $460M on advertisement last year alone. It costs millions just to open one McD’s franchise. So for my friend to expect to do McD’s type of numbers, he will at least need to open one location with a real budget and have some great marketing strategies even if he has the best burger in the world. Developing a strong background in business opened my eyes to what it really takes.

I finally realized it wasn’t the music that was lacking as some of my favorite musicians and artist really believed in my content more than I did. I didn’t have the proper funds to create visuals for my art and market them accordingly. Seeing inside numbers from friends in the industry, I realized some artists have $3M to $10M budgets just for marketing. How would I be able to do what they are doing without a budget. This limiting energy killed my ambition and desire to release music, however, nothing slowed down my passion for creating music as I stayed writing. As I continued to create music, I put myself on the tightest budgeting plan ever. I decided to save $500K before releasing content again. This was a goal I set for myself and not even my closest friends were aware of it. I drove a salvaged vehicle for 5 years as I stacked money. After I stacked about $250k, I realized my goals might take longer than I was expecting. I realized I needed to heal and enjoy life in the process as I would never get back this time that I was sacrificing to level up. I started giving myself milestone gifts, celebrations, and traveling. Traveling, gave me a whole different perspective on life let alone music. I became wiser and more confident in my music and message. I was able to see my vision as clear as possible. I remembered that I didn’t get into music to make money, music was a passion that I inherited from Bboying, another passion of mine. My happiness has always come from uplifting others. Whether I am producing an event for the City or a small gathering for RHC, I love seeing people enjoy themselves.

I no longer have the expectations of reaching millions of people and am Ok with what God has planned for me. Taking my wisdom and applying it to my music was the next move. I figured even if I could help one person out there who was the younger version of myself, it would make a positive impact. This energy led me to create the best music of my life. Some of these songs have been recorded 5 or 10 years ago and are still relevant in context. I recite the lyrics and know people will connect because they were written from my heart. I can play my music in any environment and won’t be embarrassed about what I am saying because it is meaningful content. One day when I have kids, if they care to listen to my music, I know I would be guiding them towards the light in my own way.

Everything I have done this last 10 years has been a gateway for me to be able to release content again. I appreciate you guys being patient with me and always supporting me.

Let’s celebrate together – Jan 4th, 2023 (My first release)