Make It Home

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Us artists, content creators, entrepreneurs, and risk takers invest so much of our time into our passions without making any money. In honesty, most of us spend money on top of our time in order to create solid content and guess what, more than 99.99% of us will fail and never make it. This is because success doesn’t come down to just talent. Mindset, hard work, patience, consistency, marketing, connections, and budget are what shape successful artists. The pressures of life, financial stress, and the amount of NO’s and hate we receive can easily destroy anyone’s ambition and passion to follow their dreams.

All my friends purchased nice cars, apartments, houses, took trips, mean while I had barely saved enough money to purchase my desired studio microphone. Believe it or not, it took 6 months of savings to make it happen and sadly it wasn’t even that much money. Some call it paying your dues, but it’s the process of chasing a dream when you don’t have the finances to pull it off. This overwhelming feeling turns into a form of depression and it’s easy to lose yourself in the process. At that time, I started drinking and smoking more than ever and found myself down a path that wasn’t aligned with my spirit, values, and character. The song, Make It Home, was a true expression of just wanting to find myself. I wrote the hook and verse from the bottom of my heart. I reconnected with my friend, Edwayne, who has an amazing voice and had him sing the hook. I believe one of my purposes is to share my wisdom with others who are going through what I went through. Even if I inspire one of you, it was all worth it as I know how hard it is to be a broken dream chaser. Stay true to your passion and remember it’s Ok to work irregular jobs to save money to help you get to your goals.

“A piece of me is dead for the things i’ve seen, but a piece of me is alive for these things I rhyme.”