I WILL Re-release

ALIWOOD has re-released the song “I WILL” featuring FTR & Jay Bay Bay. This is the first time ALIWOOD has ever re-released a song.

The song was written during ALIWOOD’s true rock bottom. Despite driving a $2,000 salvage car and living paycheck-to-paycheck while working multiple jobs, ALIWOOD channeled that energy into creating this motivational track. With no money for a video or promotion, ALIWOOD produced, directed, and edited the video himself, even securing studio time at Will Smith’s “Boom Boom Room” to finalize the song and shoot footage with no budget.

The “I WILL” video features real people from all walks of life – from a recently released convict to a woman grieving the loss of her mother – holding signs with their personal goals and convictions. This authentic, grassroots approach was ALIWOOD’s way of connecting with others who may be struggling but refuse to give up.

Now, ALIWOOD is re-releasing “I WILL” in the hopes of reaching an even wider audience who can draw inspiration from this powerful, self-made anthem.

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