Why You Always Hating?


This song was one of the first times I stood up for myself through my music. As you might know, I started ground zero.. no financial backing.. just a kid with a dream.. ALL ODDS AGAINST ME.. I was so passionate about music but also became very insecure because no matter what I would do people would judge me for what I have not what I was capable of and who I was. It didn’t hurt much when it was people online or who I didn’t know in real life.. But it hurt bad when it was people I loved & looked up to you.. I was working 2 jobs barely making any money and putting it into my music which wasn’t paying me anything.. I needed mental clarity from haters.. What I noticed was even when I became successful they would find another way to utilize their negative energy in hate.. As I became more accomplished and successful I became wiser and had a ground to stand on and realized it wasn’t who I was.. These type of people will always hate on you.. The best thing to do is remove them from your life or not give them as much of your time and attention so they can’t impact your future when you are vulnerable. Once you have a clear mind.. You can be around them every second and they can’t hurt you anymore as your wisdom allows for you to move with caution.. I still didn’t know why they are full of hate.. But the reality was at this point I didn’t care.. It was my way of saying your perspective of me as a person, artist, business man was no longer important to me and I was going to conquer my goals. “THIS WORLD IS MINE FOR THE TAKING…”